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Cornwall Buddhists

Any person organising any teaching, meditation or other practice group, retreat or representing any Buddhist lineage who wishes to have a presence on this site, please contact the webmaster.


Welcome to the web pages of some of Cornwall's Buddhists.

Our purpose is to point you to as many Buddhist groups in Cornwall as we can so we can all get to know what meditation and practice groups, courses, retreats and teachings are taking place in Cornwall. We also point to events of our traditions within easy reach of Cornwall.

We will show you when and where meetings will take place, the Buddhist tradition and lineage involved and the person to contact. Each lineage will have its own page, with information about the lineage, styles of practice and its programme of events, with links to the lineage's own external pages. We aim to assist anyone to learn about the many and diverse styles of teachings that exist under the umbrella of Buddhism.

Forthcoming pages will provide resources for teachers in schools and colleges. We would welcome links to web resources and activities, especially those you have experienced or verified with students of all ages. These resources should be suitable for non-Buddhist teachers to use with their students. All can be developed with use, reflection and appropriate modification. Please write with your suggestions to the webmaster.

Forthcoming Events

Meditation/Practice Groups

Monday March 23 Whitecross

Monday March 30 Whitecross

Monday April 6 Gear Mill

Monday April 6 Whitecross

Thursday April 12 Penzance

Monday April 13 Whitecross

Monday April 20 Gear Mill

Monday April 20 Whitecross

Thursday April 23 Penzance

Monday April 27 Whitecross

Teachings and Retreats

Green Tara practice day

18th April at Gear Mill

A day with Sophie Muir


Chenrezi practice day

10th May at Gear Mill

A day with Sophie Muir


Events outside Cornwall

Other events

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